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Hello and Welcome! 

The first fact to observe is that the mind has two different levels: The conscious mind (or beta-brain wave state), which consists of your thoughts/feelings/state of mind that you’re aware of. This part accounts for the wrapping of the mind- only 5% of the mind.

Most therapy and coaching modalities and resources only work with the conscious mind, which commonly yield inconsistent and temporary changes in business and romantic relationship life results. These strictly “conscious methods” also put an exhausting amount of pressure on a person because they are only relying on their conscious willpower to battle against their gravitational subconscious patterns/conditioning; in the same way that a fly will try to smash its way outside through a glass window, thinking it will break through if it tries just one more time, although we know it’s not going to break through fast. Everything changes however, when you upgrade your subconscious mind and nervous system.

While your problems/frustrations exist in the conscious/thinking mind, simultaneously- the subconscious is operating underneath your conscious awareness. So these root-causes of internal emotional conflict are found in the “auto-pilot-behaving" subconscious. The subconscious patterns are what actually stimulate 95% of our behaviors. This is why true permanent change on the outside world must occur at this deeper subconscious level first.  

Any normal coaching, therapy, books, sales/marketing programs, workshops, seminars, informational videos etc. are conscious learning methods, but they don’t actually pin-point the root-cause that's holding pe

ople back and stifling their conscious efforts at the specific area of the mind responsible for these difficulties. Effective connection with yourself and other humans are what changes your life in ways you may not even be aware of.

Self-deception or "human delusion" are what stunts people's growth and keeps them in a fixed mindset. Transformational changes in the subconscious must come from dealing with this part of the subconscious, which only speaks the language of emotion, metaphor and stories- not logic, reason or time. 

"The unconscious mind works without your knowledge, and that is the way it prefers.” -Milton H. Erickson 

In order to create ideal results with a process, you need to harmonize your unique conscious desires with your subconscious mind (programming/patterns). For example, if you want to achieve more success in sales, you have to unblock the hidden emotional patterns that sabotage your efforts, usually found from ages 0-12 and then upgrade the subconscious beliefs and harmonize them with your conscious desires.

Once this deeper change is taking effect, it becomes much easier for you to implement a proven framework and mindsets based on love and acceptance of your 'dark emotions' to then stretch and hit your actual goals much faster- and permanently. These new mindsets moving forward after releasing your unconscious blocks change your state of being, your nervous system's resilience and your self-aware lifestyle.

When you eradicate the root-cause issues tied to your relationship issues and patterns, you actually positively and directly influence the other areas of your life as well, especially your energy levels and finances.

If you work on treating issues at the conscious level (especially if it takes years to overcome issues) you can actually create more harm than good for your life according to Hebb’s Law, which states, “The more you re-live and re-experience a past issue, the more difficult it becomes to overcome because of how prolonged focus on the problems increase the depth at which it holds in the mind.”  

After finishing a powerful experience of in-person training and mentorship with Marisa Peer, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Yahya Bakkar, Gerard Adams and Kyle Cease is the method that pin-points the root-causes of issues and transforms them permanently and quickly. Marisa Peer is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning therapist working with the top corporate executives, artists, professional athletes, A-list celebrities and royalty across the world.

This subconscious method integrated with other proven modalities deeply alleviate and fully eradicate issues such as:

1. Confusion, worrying and frustration from lack of boundaries and/or deep connections at work and personal life.

2. Re-creating burnout patterns of taking care of others before taking care of oneself and over-giving in all relationships.

3. Avoiding difficult public and private engagements (includes public speaking issues, anxiety, fear of visibility on camera, imposter syndrome, sales/negotiation fears).

4. Irrational over-thinking of uncertainty, rejection and judgement.

5. Patterns of perfectionist indecisive Resistance to success on own terms causing bad habits and emotional blockages or stagnation (feast and famine income).

6. Lack of skills and proven plan to create a fulfilling and abundant passion-career and/or lack of life structure and clarity of True Purpose.

7. Lack of a proven system for personal branding and organically building and scaling a passion heart-centered business speaking clearly to exactly who you were designed to help.

In my experience with 1-on-1 clients and corporate support, this method is the most effective way to holistically replace these negative burnout patterns with:

1. Becoming a master of conscious and subconscious Alchemy ("transmuting pain into gold") in all areas of your life by mastering the subconscious and nervous system.

2. TRUE SELF-ACTUALIZATION: Discovering your unique human blueprint for Clarity/Certainty of aligned True Purpose, identity self-image and direction (especially after a toxic break-up/childhood bullying/narcissistic parents).

3. Mastery of Authentic Communication Frames: public speaking, female/male psychology and energy, creating an irresistible, diversified, scalable, premium core offer and attraction content strategy that converts high organically (that honors your multi-dimensional talents)!

4. ASCEND via ENERGY WORK to Elevate Intuitive Alignment and Peak-Performance: Master and wield masculine/feminine emotions and integrate spirit-energy through the body for creative flow-state productivity and rapidly manifesting financial freedom on their own terms using Human Design and Gene Keys Consciousness.

.5. Ability to manifest and maintain balanced, stable, deep, loving relationships with others and your Higher Self.

6. Create bigger impact in your True Purpose with True Expression via your Personal Brand Essence.

7. Master your Story, your community and brand movement to achieve multi-6-7+ figures in an ethical organic business longevity process without needing a website, click funnels or ads of any type (The new era of heart-centered business based on connection and love).

After 1-3 sessions, people individually report much higher conversion rate of success of maintaining healthy, stable, loving relationships, hitting challenging income goals, following through on calculated risks, higher pay and influence, increasing stamina and focus, agile thinking, and increase in positive mood, joy, and attracting higher-quality experiences among related benefits.  

The majority of my clients are Thought Leader Coaches, Influencer Experts, C-level executives/managers, budding entrepreneurs to stay-at-home mothers who have limited time-freedom, while balancing family, romantic partnership and mental/physical health. I also specialize in depression, anxiety, PTSD, lack of self-esteem and addictions and have also successfully treated issues relating to emotional eating habits, sleeping-problems, lack of purpose, unhealthy relationships/parenting dynamics and familial problems, professional/entrepreneurial-freedom internal blocks, motivation/procrastination, narcissistic abuse, childhood bullying trauma/unprocessed emotions from past caretakers or school environments.  

You can find my testimonials by navigating down below to my Facebook page and then clicking on my business page or LinkedIn page and jumpstart your transformation, empowerment and connection by shooting me a message directly, where I can answer all your inquires:  

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Are you a heart-centered conscious coach, somatic facilitator healer, business mentor or expert thought leader? Do you desire to public speak, write your books to contribute your wisdom to the world and co-create global change with wealth? You're likely highly trained or at least super knowledgable on transformative modalities and relatively far along on your spiritual and self-development journey. You're also past your 30's and have a burning desire to change more lives with your magic but feel uncertain of your next big leap in your business and life and may feel an invisible force holding you back from serving in your Zone of Genius at a world-class level.

Are you ready to transcend unclear mainstream marketing tactics, salesy competitive strategies and complex tech that overwhelms you energetically and drains your time? Have you tried coaching programs that were way too masculine forcing structure where everyone is forced to be the same or way too feminine energy lost in the fluffy spiritual weeds and lacking clarity and world-class training and aligned business models? Do you value family, nature, meditation, contribution, service, vitality and lifestyle-time freedom?

We decided to create a custom business content to unique irresistible offer framework that has supported over 1000+ unique individuals in the "wisdom economy" and helped 155+ coaches, experts, facilitators and mentors hit 6 to multiple 6 figures of income and impact, and 5 to hit 7+ figures. Since only 3% of this industry generates 6 figures or more, we have a vision of experts being paid at their level of competency and unique expression. Theo Soul Cummings and his team are dedicated to those who understand that your business is scaled by the power of your communication, not your coaching competency. Bringing consciousness into evolved business systems is the VIBE. People don't believe what they SEE. They SEE what they SUBCONSCIOUSLY believe.


Discover some of our case studies below:


Patterns of thought and feeling and observed behavior from our youngest years have the most impact on our decision-making competence on personal and professional levels and every area is closely impacted by the others, especially when it comes to all relationships and social dynamics. 

Humans develop much faster by growing effective mindset and charisma-skills required to level up to high performance and increase one's relationship-building capabilities, empowerment and productivity with their health, wealth and relationship skills.

This includes learning how to remove subconscious blocks and also remove the veil of unconscious beliefs that societal conditioning programs people with; all the cognitive biases, false beliefs and paradigms that skew our rational thinking and decision making capability.

A big reason why this unique internal work has been so powerful for my private and corporate clients (corporations are just groups of human individuals!) is because most of society isn't aware of how Conditioning, Universal Energy or the brain really work, so doing this Deep Work gives them a significant advantage in their personal and work life (for our cumulative corporation group coaching clients, this has led to rises sales revenue in the millions, more retention and improved employee fulfillment from culture quality by teaching employees how to extrovert their personal brand and teaching their leaders how to take their brand GLOBALLY in this life.


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Theo is originally from Seoul, South Korea, was foster cared and chose a second set of parents who raised him in Boston, Massachusetts. He went to Berklee College of Music, Loyola University New Orleans and studied entertainment law, music production, guitar, piano and drums. He burnt out and fell ill from depression, anxiety and addiction in 2017, and when holistically healed and mentally healed subconsciously, he became a certified hypnotherapist, NLP, CBT, Psychotherapist, and Life Coach.

Today, as a neuroscience expert, quantum rapid hypnotherapist, musician and the founder of the globally recognized spiritual business company Frequency Influence Collective, that was birthed over 5 years ago, which concepts and practices for consistent organic growth on social media for coaches, healers and artistic entrepreneurs, which have been featured in Forbes. 

He has supported too leaders in public big 4 companies and has helped hundreds of private clients who are coaches and service-based entrepreneurs in scaling their personal brand’s authentic message content and sales to 6-7 figures of impact from mastery of communication for community creation and internal alignment of subconscious feminine and masculine Energetics. 

Theo has 7 years of expertise in Quantum Rapid Subconscious Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Embodiment Somatic Work, NLP, CBT, personal brand expression, sound healing and psychotherapy. He has also hosted global retreats that focus on healing the unconscious mind, creative expressive Irresistible Multidimensional Premium Offers, and leadership for coaches and entrepreneurs to transcend their unconscious fears and scarcity into wealth and higher purpose by mastering charisma embodied masculine and feminine polarity leadership communication, human design meditation and his flagship program Embodied WealthCodes, from which top coaches have generated 15 Million in revenue with this EMBODIED WEALTH CODES international methodology.

He has been recognized and worked with global thought leaders, 9-figure entrepreneurs and business owners and has spoken across 17 countries, and has been part of many retreats across the world and counting.

Frequency Influence Collective is an alliance of experts and mentors that exists to liberate and amplify expression, loving connection, and abundance on the planet for those who are know they were born with a prosperity identity and choose to GO SOUL DEEPER for their ancestors and create more powerfully expressive and impactful conscious mentors and creative entrepreneurs in service of helping the kids of the world and planet heal and thrive while liberating true personal internal and external fulfillment, financial freedom, vitality and authentic expression, and vitality through his unique process he terms “Embodied Wealth Codes.”

Theo has worked with leaders Marisa Peer, Leaders Create Leaders by Gerard Adams, Jesse Elder, Yahya Bakkar, Daniel Guarana, Kyle Cease and more.


I'm there to help you BOOM out of fear, worry and frustration and climb the ladder of authentic success and freedom exponentially faster by subconscious work, upgrading your energy and mastery influential speaking. Book your Breakthrough Chat Now to see how you and/or your corporate team can start consciously growing faster.

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